drying conveyor belt oven


  • Infrared Heating
  • SUS Belt Conveyor and Tunnel
  • Long Entrance and Exit Table
  • Perfect Exhaust Design


Drying and curing, such as thick film circuit, paste on SMD terminal, etc.


Highly efficient; Super light insulation materials; Energy efficient; Multi-zone control; Convenient adjustment.


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Data Sheet

HSG Series Drying Furnace

HSG Series Drying Furnace Models   (How to read furnace model numbers?)

Model Control Zone Belt Width Overall Length
HSG2705-0304 3 270mm 8150mm
HSG3004-0304 3 300mm 3630mm
HSG5502-0404 4 550mm 3645mm
HSG6002-0304 3 600mm 3630mm
HSG6310-0503 5 630mm 7335mm

HSG6005-0304 Drying Furnace Specifications

Specification HSG6005-0304
Rate Temperature 350 deg.C
Operation Temperature RT+20-300 deg.C
Belt Width 600mm/24"
Heating Length 1500mm/59"
Control Zones 3
Speed Range 50-450mm(2"-18")/min (other speed range as required)
Outside Dimension L3700mm/146" x W1200mm/47" x H1530mm/60"
Net Weight 500 KG
Power AC 200-480V, 3 phase, 50/60HZ, 4/5 wire, 15KVA
Spare Part 2 heating tubes, cooling fan

Options and Customizations

Available Options & Customizations
Belt Speed Range
Belt width from 100mm to 1000mm
Customized heating and cooling length

Our dedicated engineers will always take the extra step to work with clients for customized designs.

thick film drying furnace
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