high temperature atmosphere control conveyor belt furnace


  • 1700C Maximum Temperature Rating
  • Air/Nitrogen Capability
  • Gas Tight Chamber
  • Independent Temperature Control in Each Zone
  • Active Cooling
  • 3C Cross Belt Uniformity
  • Automatic Circulation Hydraulic Pusher
  • Adjustable Exhaust Capacity
  • Custom Voltage Configuration
  • Low Oxygen Content <= 10PPM
  • Dew Point Control


This product is specifically designed for thermal processing applications in various industries, including preheating, sintering, heat treatment, calcination, carbonization, and pyrolysis. It is particularly suitable for electronic components, including MLCC products, zirconia materials, piezoelectric materials, pressure-sensitive materials, PTC materials, NTC materials, chip antennas, filters, silicon, nanomaterials, and other electronic components.


  • Large Scale Production
  • Uniform and Stable Temperature Control
  • Exhaust and Drainage System

HT Series Pusher Furnace  

Typical Configuration Control Zone
Maximum temperature 1700C
Atmosphere Multiple (ex. N2, O2)
Chamber width 12 in (30 cm) - 26.7in (68 cm)
Above board clearance* 9 in (23 cm)
Heated zones* 5 - 12
Overall system length* 39 ft (1200cm) - 92 ft (2800cm)

* Highly customizable according to specific requirement.