"Thanks should go to you for installing oven so fast. I really appreciate your on-going support."
- Engineer from the leading thin film solar cell manufacturing company

"My new furnace is a great piece of equipment! Thanks for all your help installing it!!"
- Catherine Lottes from Lucid Glass

"We have hit a home run on the first fire and the result of the samples came out good."
- Neil Olson, Engineer/Supervisor, Wells Manufacturing Corporation

"The dryer is working pretty good. Also, there is no contamination problems so far. We are thankful to your equipment and your company."
- Tatsuya Murakami, Manufacturing Manager, Geospace Technologies Corporation.

"The performance of these furnaces is strictly World-Class! You'll notice many little things, like you'll be able to load across the width of the belt, while maintaining uniform temperature. Atmosphere control and consumption and profile stability are features you will be very happy about! Delivery, installation, and expert set-up by factory engineers, is included in the purchase price! As you can tell, I have been very impressed by the quality, uptime, and performance of these furnaces."
- Kenneth F. Reynolds, President, The LORAC Company (the Furnace Guy)

"In 2005 we acquired two continuous belt furnaces from Torrey Hills Technologies for our manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico. We have been using these two furnaces in high-volume production ever since. Their up time and performance has met and exceeded all of our expectations!"
- Purchasing Manager Francisco Gutierrez, International Rectifier Corporation (IRC)

"I made several electrodes using the furnace. It works very well. I fabricated a pretty nice solar cell with those electrodes. The results were astonishing for a first trial with the furnace. I am quite happy about that."
- Professor Gülsah YAMAN UZUNOGLU from UME Turkey