THT President Ken Kuang Interviewed During Vistage Executive Summit

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Torrey Hills Technologies (THT) President and CEO Ken Kuang recently joined other local CEOs for an exclusive event hosted by Vistage Worldwide, themed "Bold Leadership: Shifting Perspectives Through the Power of Peers." The goal of this Summit was to explore the importance of being a confident and dynamic leader, as well as the many respective roles that successful executives have to fulfill.

During the Executive Summit, Ken was interviewed by Soyini Coke and Marc Borrelli of Business Radio X. In his interview, Ken discussed the challenges facing the telecommunications industry. He emphasized the importance of innovation, and how the Internet of Things is steering the industry in new directions by introducing consumers to smart devices that can talk to each other and synchronize data.

"This will spur new demand," he predicted. "Telecom knowledge will revolutionize different industries. For the telecom industry, the cell phone has plateaued, but the Internet of Things will explode."

When asked how he can choose between the many emerging opportunities, Ken responded, "It's a fine line... for our company, we have a strong core competency. Always keep the core competency, but not identity."

As he reflected on the ways that THT has successfully followed this formula over the years, Ken explained the company's progression from electronic component equipment to developing three roll mills for the pharmaceutical industry.

Focusing on THT's aptitude for innovation, Ken stated, "Using our capabilities, we are going to continue to grow."