HSH Series Infrared Photovoltaic Belt Furnace

solar cell processing conveyor belt furnace


  • IR lamp Heating element
  • Fast cooling and stable driving design
  • Work up to 6000 mm per minute for contact pastes firing
  • Special designed heating layout and atmosphere system and chambers structure works ultra effectively for solar cell firing.


Equipped with IR lamp heating, this furnace is designed for solar cell firing.


Infrared lamp heating; High speed; Highly efficient; High uniformity; Energy efficient; Environmentally friendly.

Data Sheet

HSH Series Infrared Photovoltaic Belt Furnace

HSH Series Solar Cell Processing Furnace Models   (How to read furnace model numbers?)

Model Control Zone Belt Width Overall Length
HSH2503-0310 3 254mm 7000mm
HSH2503-0510 5 250mm 4290mm
HSH3003-0607Z 6 300mm 4460mm
HSH3003-0910 9 300mm 13855mm
HSH3803-0708 7 380mm 9780mm
HSH7503-0807 8 750mm 22375mm

HSH2503-0310 Solar Cell Processing Furnace Specifications

Specification HSH2503-0310 Solar Cell Firing Furnace
Max Temperature 1000 deg. c
Working Temperature 100~950 deg. c.
Belt Width 254mm/10"
Tunnel Height 30mm/1.18"
Heating Length 1250mm/49.25"
Control Zones 3
Speed Range 600 ~ 4000mm (24"-157.6")/min
Outside Dimension L7000mm/276" x W1400mm/55" x H1350mm/53"
Net Weight 1200kg
Power AC 200-480V, 3 phase, 50/60HZ, 4/5 wire

Options and Customizations

Available Options
Ultrasonic Belt Cleaning/Drying
Computer Control System
Customized heating and cooling length

Our dedicated engineers will always take the extra step to work with clients for customized designs.