How to Reduce or Extend the Length of a Conveyor Belt

The belt of a HENGLI® furnace is like a chain which is formed by two different types of coil alternately (red and blue). "Different" means the coils develop in opposite directions. Each coil is welded with a wavy strip (yellow). See the picture below.

If you need to reduce the length, cut the extra and take a wavy strip from it, then overlap the two ends of the belt a little. Insert the wavy strip through the overlap and the loop is formed. Please be aware that the coils on two ends must be two different types. When you remove the extra please first cut a little less than what is needed just to be safe.

To extend the belt, find the inserted wavy strip on the belt and pull it out. The loop is open now. Connect the add-on belt to the loop using the same method above.

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Reduce or Extend the Length of a Conveyor Belt