Turnkey Solution Consulting

Based on our experience and engineering backgrounds, THT and its partner provide offer cost effective project support, technological advice and assist the manufacture of customer's products during their development and proof-of-concept stages.

Yield Improvement

Turnkey Solutions in Hybrid Thick Film and Printed Electronics

  • Classic Thick Film Processing
    screen printing, drying, firing, trimming

  • Fine Line Thick Film Processing
    photoimageable pastes exposure and developing

  • LTCC Assembly
    punching, via filling, green tape routing, stacking and lamination

  • HTCC and GTMS Packages Assembly
    including leadframe brazing and plating

  • Sensor Manufacturing Lines
    with environmental testing and calibration

  • Optical Inspection and Sorting
    hybrid substrates and Assembled Units

  • Compounds and Adhesive Dispensing
    by pressure, jetting or stamping

  • Battery and SOFC Production
    slurry preparation, tape casting, lamination

Consulting and Project Management Packaging of Hybrids, ASICs, Discretes, Power Electronics

  • Dicing
    single and multi layer structures including MEMS, LTCC, HTCC, MLCC, PZT, and optical devices

  • Die bonding
    including design of bonding tools and adapter plates, fixtures and clamping

  • Robotic Assembly
    odd shape components placement, tests and handling

  • Wire Bonding
    conventional and advanced process set up and verification
    ball, wedge, TAB and ribbon bonding tools

  • Thermal Processing
    front and back end processes in air, gas or vacuum

  • Hermetic Sealing
    advanced packages processing in vacuum or inert gas by welding or brazing

  • Encapsulation in Plastic
    leadframe, polymer and PCB-based ICs, sensors and discretes

  • Testing and Sorting
    static and dynamic tests of hi-rel and power devices at various temperatures

  • Electrical tests and sorting / grading of Power Devices
    Static and Dynamic parameters

Yield Improvement Programs

For thick film hybrids and packaging we have the expertise in step-by-step process set up and offer solutions based on our network of manufacturers of equipment, materials and tools. Our good advice and recommendations can reduce your build time and costs, increase yield and help to develop the team within your production site.

THT and its partner provide operator and process technician training and runs coached production in the Customer's facility.

We can also provide for internships and sample product runs in our partners' and principals' facilities in Europe.

In certain kinds of processes, e.g., LTCC manufacture we collaborate with the established R&D facilities and academia in Europe for both the theory and hands-on experience from the basics to a finished product. This can also can be a good way of training a customer's operators. In this way we save our customers the effort of searching for technicians with the exact education or employment background.

Yield Improvement