Torrey Hills President Mr. Kuang's Reflection on the Demise of the UC San Diego's Moxie Center For Student Entrepreneurship Published in the Wall Street Journal


As a company headquartered in America's finest city, Torrey Hills Technologies has many connections with the Uiversity of California, San Diego. Every year we hired interns working on a wide varieties of tech projects and marketing projects, teaching them the important lesson that an idea is only as good as how it is executed. Our management gave talks in the business school, showing students the realities of the business world and how to be successful in it.

That's why Mr. Ken Kuang, CEO of our company, was saddened but not surprised that UCSD's Moxie Center for Student Entrepreneurship closed its door at the end of June. In his opinion, the Moxie Center failed to teach its budding entrepreneurs the two most basic survival skills for startups: understanding the concept of “win-win” and how to forecast profits and losses. Because those were exactly what it took for Mr Kuang to build his furnace business from scratch and dominate a distinguish market niche of its own.

Too many U.S. business schools are focused on producing future leaders for big corporations and Wall Street firms—not equipping people to venture out on their own.

Mr Kuang is also the author of the Amazon best selling book: From Start-up To Star.

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